This project aims in creating a library for Java Swing that automaticaly builds the interface from a given class. Initialy it is intented to be used for configuration forms for other programms.

The interface will be built at runtime using the information the developer provided to the library. This information can also be changed at runtime either by code or by reading in a configuration file. This file can either be an XML file or a Java Properties file.

The standard swing controls are enhanced via their event handlers to accept only valid values as those are described by the developer.

At first a simple control exists that should be adequate for most cases (especially when used with a settings dialog). Along that a base class for use with controls will be provided so in the (near?) future each one can create it's own control with the least possible effort.

This project is available to anyone interested under the Apache License, Version 2.0.


This project is in it's Alpha status and the code has already started to be generated. The experience of previous efforts is taken into account so that this library will hopefully be working quite well from the very first version. However some design decisions are to be made yet and I really hope that I can gather enough information from volunteers that want to join this project so as to make a better overall design from the very beginning!

The plans are to have a functional version of this library ready within the January of 2007, which will cover at least the basic functionality.


I want to inform that everyone who is interested in joining or at least add a few requirements/specifications for the fields2GUI project, that he/she is more than wellcome. Please visit the relative page from the contents pane on the left.

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